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Common questions

What is Amagi MIX?

Amagi MIX is an online media planning and buying portal, which helps advertisers create and launch television campaigns at an affordable cost. It is backed with data-driven insights that help advertisers to make an optimum and affordable media plan. The platform offers over 100 television channels to choose from and provides easy-to-use media planning solution at your fingertips.

How can I benefit from Amagi MIX?

As an advertiser, you can create and launch TV campaigns according to your budget and increase your brand awareness. You can also book, pay, manage and measure effectiveness of your campaigns online. All of these can happen with a simple user-friendly DIY (Do-It-Yourself) media planning and buying portal. Apart from this, Amagi MIX also offers the convenience of customizing and cancelling your campaigns. With an ever-expanding, wide range of channels, advertisers can either geo-target ads on National Television or advertise on a regional channel depending on their market and budgetary requirements. And, you can avail TV creative services from Amagi’s inhouse creative team which has created over 6000 creatives.

How do I get started with Amagi MIX?

Register on Amagi MIX – and click “Create a new TV campaign”. Follow these 5 steps to realize your TV campaign completely online.
  1. Enter your campaign details
  2. Provide Ad information
  3. Confirm the Media Plan
  4. Review your ad schedule
  5. Easy Pay – Complete your payment through PayU gateway

I want to advertise on TV. How do I get started?

It’s very simple. First, log in to Amagi MIX, then go to My Campaigns and follow the five given steps. Amagi MIX will generate an optimal media plan for you to get started.

I advertise on Print & Radio regularly. Should I stop advertising there?

Television is by far the largest medium in terms of viewership reach. However, advertisers often shy away from television because of prohibitive costs. Amagi MIX helps your brand gain five times more reach than any other medium, at a cost comparable to, or sometimes cheaper than any other medium.

How much do I have to spend to advertise on TV?

The cost of advertising on TV depends on three factors:

  • channel mix and market
  • Campaign duration
  • TV ad length

Depending on your budget and the market in which you want to advertise, Amagi MIX gives you an optimized channel mix and media plan. Campaign costs will vary according to the market that you choose to advertise in.

How often should I advertise?

TV is a brand-building medium and should be treated as such. From big advertisers to small advertisers, TV can be used effectively to build an ideal brand identity. However, brand building is a continuous process, and needs enough time to propagate. The frequency of ‘optimum’ advertising on TV varies, depending on your campaign objective and the seasonality of your product/brand. For example, an AC brand will be advertised more often in summers than in winters. In markets with lesser sales potential for your product, you will need to run heavy-frequency campaigns when compared to markets that you’ve already captivated. Similarly, if you’re launching a new product, then an initial heavy burst with increased frequency of TV ads will help you to generate the necessary demand.

That being said, our media planning solution experts can help you create an optimum media plan, based on your business priorities.

What are the benefits of TV advertising?

Though TV ad prices are more than ad rates of any other medium, No other medium can match the reach and viewership that TV offers. Advertising has several business benefits, especially when it’s targeted; Geo-targeted advertising on TV has benefited big and small brands in several ways, including but not limited to priority market boosts, test marketing and new product launches.

I want to advertise with Amagi. How do I get started?

Log on to; an online media buying and planning portal which helps advertisers create television campaigns at an affordable cost. With more than 100 channels to choose from, Amagi MIX is one of the easiest, trust-worthy, optimized and affordable ways of advertising on TV.

Why should I advertise with Amagi?

Advertising with Amagi makes sense for your brand, because it effectively uses television as a targeted medium, reducing spillage of ad-inventory and ensuring that you only spend for the markets that you need to advertise in. It makes TV affordable because advertisers no longer have to buy national ad spots but instead buy spots only for a specific market according to their budget. The platform of Amagi MIX is designed to offer one of the best media planning solution for your brand campaigns.

Can I target my ad to a specific city or an entire state?

Yes, you can target at a city and state level. This depends on the channel which you want to advertise on and the corresponding market.

While inserting local ads, aren’t you changing the content of the channel? What happens to other ads then?

Like any other advertiser, Amagi buys these ad spots from the channel. Once we buy a particular spot, we splice it region-wise and sell the same spot to different advertisers in different regions. So, at the same time, on the same channel, viewers will see different ads for different markets.

How can I start my campaign?

Log on to, sign-in and and make your own media plan. After you sign-in, the site will guide you through 5 easy steps to start your campaign.

Can I go for a nationwide campaign?

Yes! If your brand requires national-level reach, the tool will suggest the most optimal media plan for the same, including all national markets that are relevant to your business requirements.

I have a limited budget. Can I still advertise on TV?

Yes. Please note that there is a minimum budget below which advertising on TV might not generate any impact. We advise that you speak with our media planning solution experts to know the minimum recommended budget for your brand.

I want different ad versions to run in different locations. Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible. Through ad-versioning, you can run different versions of your ads in different regions, targeted at audiences in those specific locations.

How many times in a day will my ad be played?

This will depend on your budget and channel mix. You will get the detailed spot schedule as part of the campaign-planning process.
What is the minimum campaign duration?
The minimum campaign duration is one week.

Can I run my campaign only on weekends and evenings?

It is not possible to choose specific days and time slots. Your campaign will always be a combination of weekdays and weekends.

How many days will it take to start the campaign?

If you already have a TV ad, you can start your campaign within four days after payment. Kindly note that the campaign’s start-date is dependent on spot availability with channels as well. So, if we are not able to start your campaign as per your preferred start date, we will keep you posted and work with you to come up with a revised schedule.

How can I stop my campaign?

We understand that sometimes things do not work out as planned and you might have to pause or cancel your campaign. In such cases, you can log into your Amagi MIX account and pause or cancel the campaign. Alternatively, you can also call our media planning solution experts to pause or cancel your campaign. Please note, that spots are booked in advance with TV channels and consequently it may take up to four days for us to actually pause or cancel the campaign. Your ad spots may be played during this duration and you will be charged for these spots. If you choose to cancel your campaign, the balance amount will be refunded to you within 7 working days.

I am not able to find certain channels on which I wish to advertise. What should I do?

Please drop a mail to with list of such channels. Our team will try to get these channels on Amagi MIX. We will also inform you once these channels are available on Amagi MIX.

Will my ad be shown across all homes in the selected region (where region selected is not ‘All India)’?

Channels that are marked as targeted () will be shown only in homes with cable connection in the selected region. Channels that are marked as non-targeted () will be shown in homes with cable as well as DTH connection all over India. It is important to note that since targeted channels are shown only in homes with cable connection and not DTH connection, you are offered these channels at a significant discount.

I have selected ‘All India’ as my region. What do targeted channels mean in this context?

If selected region is ‘All India’ then channels that are marked as targeted () mean that they will be shown all over India but only in homes with DTH connection.

Will I get enough coverage if my ad is shown only in homes with cable connection?

As per industry estimates, more than 75% of households in India have cable connection. So you can be rest assured that your ad will be seen in majority of households.

Can I show my ads to homes with DTH connection?

Yes, you can show your ads to homes with DTH connection. For this, select targeted channels under ‘All India’ region. In this case, your ad will be shown in all homes in India with DTH connection.

You cannot show ads to homes with DTH connection only in a certain region.

Can I change the way my ad spots are scheduled?

The schedule is recommended by the Amagi MIX algorithm after considering spot availability as well as the best way to play the spots. If you have a specific requirement, please let your campaign manager know and we will try our best to accommodate.

Will I get a primetime slot?

Yes. Our media plans are an excellent mix of primetime and non-primetime slots. We will send you the expected ad playout timing for your campaign, as shared by the TV channel.

What is the acceptable duration for my ad?

TV ads with a minimum duration of 10 seconds and with an upper limit of 30 seconds, are acceptable.

What is the minimum budget/package to advertise with Amagi?

The minimum budget for a campaign varies, depending on your chosen channel mix, your campaign duration and the market that you wish to advertise in.

If I don’t like the channel mix, can I get a customized plan?

Yes, you can click on Edit Plan in the TV Campaign stage, before making the final payment. You can edit the budget, increase/decrease the number of ad spots and add/remove channels from the channel mix as per your targeting requirements.

What are all the discount plans that are available?

Plans are discounted only during special offer seasons and are not a regular feature.

How do I know when my ad will play on TV?

We will send you the expected ad playout timing for your campaign, as shared by the TV channel. Please note that at times, the TV channel might drop certain ad spots because of their internal reasons, which are beyond Amagi’s control. In such cases, we will compensate for the dropped spots by playing them on a later date.

How do I schedule TV spots? Do I have the flexibility to choose time bands?

Amagi MIX distributes ad spots across different time bands of the day covering both prime and non- prime spots. Currently, Amagi MIX does not provide users the flexibility to choose time bands.

I don’t have a creative. Will Amagi make one for me?

Definitely! If you brief us on what you would like to convey through your ads, our creative team will create the best TV commercial for you.

I have a creative. Will Amagi use it?

Yes. However, your ad will undergo various stages of verification by the TV channel. If it does not meet their requirements, you will be informed of the same, post which you would have to make the required changes. Note that no ad-creative can be played by Amagi without the approval of TV channels.

Can Amagi edit my ad-video?

Yes, we can. If you submit your creative file, our team will edit and create the best tv ad as per your requirement. You may be charged for this service.

Will you use models/actors in your ads?

Use of models and actors is possible only when a Live A/V ad is being shot and they are expensive to shoot and produce. While we do not recommend Live A/V during your first TV ad, you may choose to explore Live A/V ads with us by entering a customized discussion.

What do you provide – ad spots or scrolls?

We provide ad spots where we play regular ads that appear during commercial breaks on TV channels.

Will there be Amagi logo branding on the advertisements?

No. Your company’s logo/brand identity will be the only form of branding when the ad plays out on TV.

Can I replace my creative during the middle of the campaign with another one?

Yes, you can, subject to a few conditions:

  1. You can replace a creative with another one, of the exact same duration.
  2. Every ad should be approved by all the TV channels, which are expected to play the ad. Till all TV channels approve it, you cannot replace the ongoing ad.

How do you select/reject the ads when you provide them to you?

Your ads should meet the ASCI guidelines. You can have a look at ASCI code of self-regulation here. Apart from this, your ad will also go to the respective broadcasters for approval. We will assist you to get the requisite ad approved to get started.

Do you offer any discounts?

Once you start advertising with Amagi, you will be informed of all periodic offers which will be communicated through the Amagi MIX website/via emails to your registered email address.

Can I start my campaign before completing the full payment?

Since Amagi MIX is a self-service platform for advertisers, all campaigns work as prepaid services. Your TV campaign will start only after you’ve completed the full payment.

Will I get my money back if I stop my campaign half-way through?

Yes. We understand that sometimes there are valid reasons to stop or cancel a campaign. In such cases, you can raise a campaign cancellation request and we will refund the pending amount within 7 working days.

What happens if my transaction fails?

We are trying our best to ensure 100% payment gateway success. However, external issues such as low internet speed, outdated browsers may contribute to failure in payment. In such cases, the payment gateway will automatically refund the entire amount within 7 working days. You can also write an e-mail to and we will revert within 48 hours.

When and how will I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice every 2 weeks from the date your campaign has started and also on campaign completion.

How do I know that my campaign is live?

You can check the campaign status in the My Campaign dashboard of Amagi MIX portal. We will also send you an email, confirming your campaign’s go-live date.

What happens if my ad is not played during the scheduled spot?

We will compensate for the same by playing that ad at a different time slot, or on a different day during the campaign duration. If you do not wish to opt for rescheduling, we can refund the amount pertaining to the dropped ad-spots.

How will I know that my ad was really played?

We have a dedicated 24X7 monitoring team which tracks the playout schedule of your ads in real-time. The team is responsible for verifying and recording all your ad-spots during playout. A report will be made available to you, detailing the same.