#Excuseyourexcuses – Are these your 5 reasons for not advertising on TV?

Just a few weeks ago, we met Rameshji in New Delhi. Like a majority of self-made entrepreneurs across India, Rameshji also has his shoes and men’s accessories business spread across Delhi NCR and a few cities in Punjab.

To his great networking skills, his business now has many repeat customers but there has now been a drop-in demand over a few months. He has realized that his customer base had saturated across the region and getting new ones will be a daunting task.

So, we asked him about his reason for being sceptical on expanding his brand’s reach across, and here are his 5 excuses for not advertising on Television, only till we changed his perception…

He thought TV advertising is expensive.

Well yes, it was expensive for his, but only until we decoded that realty is different. We introduced him to Geo-targeting on National TV through Amagi MIX platform and the ‘Flash Deals’ by Amagi MIX, where he could advertise his 10 seconds TV commercial on a national channel – ZEE Cinema across Delhi  NCR for 30 times (spots) across a week, and this would cost him only INR 55,000/-.

He assumed, that TV advertising is meant only for big brands and national players and not small regional players.

During our earlier discussions with Rameshji, he mentioned about his expansion plans across Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, where he wanted to launch a new brand of winter boots which were sturdy and longer to last.

Our team immediately swung into action and budgeted his TV advertising plan for November this year, which ensured a media plan which not only included his favourite channel but also reduced his overall cost per reach.

Our plan for him comprised of channels like COLORS, ZEE Cinema and 9X Tashan across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and J&K which included over 170 ad spots across the month, a reach to over 85 Lakh viewers.

All this at a cost of just INR 2,18,000 /-, which brought down the overall cost per reach to below INR 40/-.

There is lack of time and there are too many things to do.

While we understand that SME’s (Small & Medium Scale Enterprise) have challenges with team and time management as they have a bountiful on their radar, but what if we told you that there is a platform which ensures targeted TV advertising and takes care of advertising nuisances while giving you an optimized TV media plan? All these at the click of few buttons, in real time and in highly interactive 5 steps only?

Has a lack of knowledge of TV channels and viewership.

With over 800+ TV channels in India, it’s anybody’s guess why Rameshji was fretting to even consider TV advertising. There are so many genres in TV channels like entertainment, news, kids, music, movies, education, lifestyle etc…that it’s often confusing for first time TV advertisers to choose the right channel and channel mix.

With Amagi MIX, now every SME business owner has all this information about various channels at a click of a button. The channel guide section in Amagi MIX, educates the users on various kinds of TV channels, their reach and popularity in different regions, popular shows etc.

In addition to this, Amagi MIX powerful data-based algorithm ensures Rameshji gets the best media plan that fits his small budget. To know more on how our algorithm creates an optimized TV plan customized for your requirements, click here: http://bit.ly/2AdkS1e

Sales through digital marketing is easier, they why TV?

While digital marketing or sales via online platform ensures businesses sales volumes, but the long-term objective of a brand-building remains a far cry. Businesses who invest in direct digital marketing also must hire technical expertise and try various ‘touch and go’ strategies to reach the right audience, which in a larger picture is expensive.

In fact, studies have been proven that when TV advertising is clubbed with Facebook marketing, it enables a higher reach, better efficiency of marketing spends and brings in a brand impact which is measurable on spends and returns.

……and so finally, we convinced Rameshji to experience the potential of TV advertising with Amagi MIX.

If you have other excuses for not advertising on TV, we would love to address them via marketing@amagi.com. Or to get your brand on TV today, log on to https://www.amagimix.com/