One Fine Day – Brand Story 2 – Indo American Montessori Pre School


Indo-American Montessori Pre-school


Indo-American Montessori Preschool (IAMPS) is a chain of play schools started in New Delhi, which imparts an Indian socio-cultural value based Preschool teaching. IAMPS follows the cardinal philosophy of education ‘Maria Montessori Philosophy’, and believes that every child is unique and talented in their own ways. IAMPS provides campuses armed with various Montessori tools specially made for phenomenal physical and cognitive development of the children, which are well researched, and has a customized curriculum for the preschooler.

The IAMPS has various play schools located in India with a spread across Haryana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab to name a few.

Problem Statement:

It all started when IAMPS decided to expand across new markets in the southern states of Maharashtra and Hyderabad. With a focus on Tier 2 cities, the major challenges were related to marketing executions.

  1. Television advertising was expensive and had a high spillover rate.
  2. Regional advertising was preferred, but with no immediate presence, networking with a right partner was limited.
  3. Print and Outdoor media had limited reach to the diverse audience and
  4. Promotions had to be in regional content, as the audiences included people who were willing to invest in a new franchise set up, and parents (for admissions).


One fine day, the management stumbled upon an advertisement of Amagi MIX, where they could create their own TV ad, and targeted it across a region of their choice on regional and national TV channels at cost-effective rates. All these, in 5 simple steps online.

The management approached the Amagi MIX team and shared their idea of expansion, boost up sales and prospect for new franchise setups.

The team from Amagi, detailed out a customized media plan suggestion which included:

  1. A sustained advertising for one month across regions the client was already present. This would help boost brand image, and
  2. Advertise across new regions with 10 seconds creatives with a bouquet of channel spread such as – Zee TV, Zee News, Times Now, Zee Cinema, Romedy Now, Zoom, India News across Telangana, Delhi, UP, Punjab and Chandigarh.


“I personally believe Amagi is a good platform for start-up businesses. The regional promotion technology and liberal coordination from their team helped us together in planning a good campaign”

– Saurabh Gupta, Director, IAMPS (INDO-AMERICAN Montessori Preschool)


Immediate recognition in Hyderabad market. The campaign was successful as a new preschool was inaugurated shortly at Adilabad bus stand area. There was also an increase in the brand name, which ensured an increase in admissions for the year. Today, IAMPS has over 15 centers in India and are planning to add another 5 – 7 in a 2 years’ time frame.

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