This Diwali, Amagi Wali – 5 reasons to advertise your brand on TV is finally here.

Diwali, is not mere a synonym heard across in every street of India, but across the world over. Be it chawri bazar in Delhi or the White House in the United States, Diwali is everywhere.

But what makes Diwali so special, that people value their emotions and belongingness to be with their family?, and why we at Amagi believe, that this Diwali…it’s time to celebrate the ‘khushiyan’ with your brand, as they are a part of you and your family too.

Here are our 5 reasons, why you must light up your brand across geographies untouched, and customers unreached:

A victory of good over evil: Diwali, is celebrated as Lord Krishna ended the evilness of demon Narakasura. Hence Diwali is also referred as Naraka Chaturdashi. There is one such Krishna in all of us, who wants us to take our business to places ensuring that people believe in our brand, and customers remain with us for generations, but then there is also a Narakasura in us, which leaves us assuming, that TV advertising is expensive and Why should I pay for my brand to be noticed? What we have…isn’t it enough? Is TV advertising even meant for my brand?

But what if we say, that this Diwali leave your worries to us, and for once, let the Krishna in you take that leap of faith?

A time to reclaim, what is yours: When Ravana came all the way from Sri Lanka and kidnapped Ma Sita, what did Lord Ram do? Did he wait for things to happen or ensured to do it his way and reclaim his family? Similarly, your business just does not belong to you and your customers. There are competitors, regulations, and taxes which eat into your market share, into your profits and your opportunities of growth to existing businesses. This Diwali, let your brand be seen across geographies and your message reach out to new customers, promoters, dealers, and distributors. It’s the best way we believe that you can challenge the Ravanas surrounding your business by seeking out with TV advertising?

New beginnings to prosperity and wealth: Dhanteras is also considered as the auspicious day of prosperity and wealth, accompanied by welcoming Goddess Lakshmi (her birthday) and the day when traditionally new books of accounts are started as a new year. With so much happening around, why not a new beginning for your brand and business? Why not make the best of this festivity and celebration when you can create your own TV commercial, at INR 6000/- and advertise on any channel of your choice with an assured discount of 5% – 15%.

Make the best of your bumper harvest this year: Our country, being an agro dominant economy relies quite well on the agriculture cycle. This year, with the monsoon in abundance, the Kharif crops are ready for harvest.  Jowar, Rice, Maize, Turmeric or Cotton, take your agriculture produce to dealers, distributors or directly to customers by making a new beginning of advertising your brand on television.

With Amagi, many agricultural brands today have benefited by commerically advertising on television. Be it seed, fertilizers or branded distributors. We have something for every business and every budget. To know more on how TV advertising is a good bet for your agriculture produce, click here.

A festival which unites India: Yes, you read that right. Diwali is one of a kind festival. It barely sees the Indian boundaries of religions. As Diwali holds its relevance for Hindus, so it does for Jains, as they celebrate Diwali as a remembrance to Lord Mahavira and his teachings. The festival of lights also holds relevance for the Sikhs, as the Sikh Guru Shri Hargobind Sahib Ji was released on this day and the foundation of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, was laid on Diwali.

Today across India, over 3000 different brands, across different sectors and capacities have efficiently increased their businesses by advertising on TV, through just one medium…Amagi.

So, are you ready celebrate This Diwali, Amagi Wali?

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