This Dusherra, let Reality win over Myth

6 Killer Myth’s preventing your brand to get on TV Advertising

“Navratri, Dusherra or Durga Puja, call it by the name or puranas you wish, but they all have the same meaning, the win of good over evil. Be it Ravana or Mahishasura the deed of evil does not last too long in front of truth and reality.”

So, this festive season, Amagi MIX ensures to share some light on the “Myths”, and how local or regional brands can also make it on National television, across different geography to new customers.

Myth 1: TV Advertising is very expensive

Reality: False

The perception of advertising on Television is that, it’s a very expensive medium. What makes it expensive is buying a National spot for a pan India campaign. But let’s break this down a little. What if your brand has a presence across Patna (Bihar), and you wish to expand your audience base to nearby states such as Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand across students and college goers. How do you do this without spending too much on marketing or TV advertising? This is where reality comes in. With Amagi MIX, you can now customize advertising on TV yourself. This is possible by customizing your region, audience and budget yourself, and based on your selection you get a list of channel suggestions which you can further customize as per your needs. So now, why buy a national spot, when you can advertise locally across your region?

Myth 2: Newspaper Advertising has better reach than Television Advertising

Reality: False

Yes, print media has a phenomenal circulation but television equally has a good reach. Across any corner of India, print advertising which encompasses newspapers, magazines, leaflets and allied, are available across in vernacular languages but what makes them expensive is their limited shelf life. Let’s simplify this for you…You have a brand, based at Tumkur or Davangere (Karnataka) and you wish to reach out to markets across Bengaluru and Mysuru. With print, you can advertise a full-page ad in a regional paper such as Vijaya Karnataka, Prajavani etc. which does give you the reach for once. Probably you will receive a few calls, but is that sustainable? Or is it possible for you to reach out again without making another investment? Now imagine, with Amagi MIX, you can choose a regional channel from a National broadcaster (Zee Kannada, Udaya TV) and schedule a campaign in near similar costs for a week. Get better reach and freedom in making your own choice.

Myth 3: Making a Television Ad will cost INR XYZ,000/-

Reality: False

What if you get your first television ad made for INR 6000/- only? Yes, all it costs is six thousand rupees. With Amagi MIX, you can now make festive ad for your brand on our predefined templates. This helps you save exponentially on your advertising budgets and helps you advertise across more regions with better reach. Need we say more?

Myth 4: Social Media Marketing is better than Television Advertising

Reality: It’s Not

Currently across India, the advertising spends on television accounts up to 40% of all the advertising spends. YoY there has always been a growth (and dependency on various factors such as economy and festival spends). With plethora of channels penetrating across almost every home / town in India (cable or DTH), the reach muscle of television is unmatched. While Digital advertising (in India) is still nascent and constitutes 12% of ad spends, the media is on a rise and is expected to take over Out of Home, Radio and Print in the near future, but not television altogether. Hence, we ideally suggest an advertiser to create a marketing mix with due importance to geo-targeted television advertising, clubbed with content promotion via Social Media Marketing.

Myth 5: Television Advertising is not for me / I don’t need it.

Reality: You do.

Brands aren’t built in a day and no brand can sustain competition or grow until and unless they advertise (irrespective the medium). Advertising can vary from basic publicity and word of mouth to conducting road shows and promotions across the country. Yes, many brands believed that advertising was not for them, but it was only until they tasted success with TV advertising through Amagi MIX. India has one of the largest pool of entrepreneurs and the SME (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) contributes $25.8 billion to India’s economy. Various existing SME’s and new once expected to rise in sectors such as Technology, Manufacturing, Retail and FMCG (to name a few) will have to leverage technology for business expansions.

Myth 6: Online Payments are not safe.

Reality: With Amagi MIX, no worries.

While we can’t assure for all what is happening across the world, but with Amagi MIX, you can safely make online payment for your TV advertising bookings, over a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data through our renowned third-party service provider. In case of doubts, you can either make part payment to book your customized plan or speak to our customer service associate for a complete hand-holding.

This Dusherra…Stop Worrying, Start TV Advertising.

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