One Fine Day – Brand Story 1 – Lawrato

We decided that we expand our enterprise and take them across markets. After all, brand perception matters, right? So, there was it…We started exploring our avenues, discussed with various advertising and media planners to take us beyond and did some internal research.

Radio, Hoardings and other mass media were there but with an increase in our lawyer network and advisory queries, came challenges…i.e.

1. Of being addressed as a law firm, which we were not

2. That we provided legal consulting services, which we didn’t and

3. We participated in court room discussions and made legal representations, which again…we didn’t.

Hence, the idea was not just to eliminate existing challenges but also to

1. Get more legal advisors on board, throughout the country

2. Reach our targeted audience (M/F 25+) while hold an edge to command a higher mind space and

3. Establishing ourselves prominently in Delhi and Mumbai markets.

It was one fine day, we stumbled up on a web site called ‘AmagiMix’, where they showcased how easy it was to create your own television advertisement and craft your own media plan. First, it seemed like a joke…I mean come on…how can you create your own media plan online? But when we started exploring the filters of campaign name, brand name, audience selection, region of our choice and few others, the channel selections was automatically suggested across geographies (mind you that they have a plethora of over 100 channels). They also had this unique concept of creating your own ads and at dirt cheap prices which we couldn’t imagine. All these coupled with a payment gateway. It was all so simple and easy. It was all unbelievable. That moment was like having our own freedom & transparency to create and get a hold on my television advertising. Nice!

After that, it was makhaan. Like butter. Within a short turnaround time, we received a call from their support team. They probed us further on requirements and handheld us on right channel and time band selections. The entire campaign was divided into two phases and spread across New Delhi and Mumbai on Entertainment and News Channels.Campaign 1 CNBC Awaaz, IBN 7, Zee Cinema, Zee News and Zee TV – Delhi and Mumbai, followed by

Campaign 1 CNBC Awaaz, IBN 7, Zee Cinema, Zee News and Zee TV – Delhi and Mumbai, followed by Campaign 2: Zee Cinema and Zee TV – Delhi.

Today our brand is connected to over 1500 verified lawyers across 200 cities in India, has successfully handled over 20,000 queries and has also connected over 2000 people to their right lawyers for legal guidance. With Amagi, it was truly a much needed shot in the arm.

“We had a smooth experience with Amagi. Especially with their customer service, who responded to us even on Sundays. Most importantly, regular e mails were shared and any expected issues were resolved immediately.” – Mr. Nikhil Sarup, Co-Founder.

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