This Monsoon, take your brands where your customers are…

The rains are finally here, and so is the time of the year when you and your loved ones sit, relax and enjoy those family tea and television together. Just like those years when you used to sit with your parents and enjoy your favourite Jungle book, Chandrakanta, Shaktimaan, Mahabharata on television. To make things special was the petrichor and the gloomy weather, leaving your stomach grumbling for ma’s pakodas and chai (or the mouth-watering dabeli and pav bhaji) …Those were the days when such amazingness was ‘made at home’ and ‘made with love, family & television’.

Not much has changed today except that cartoons belong to Doremon, Minions and Chota Bheem, while Homeshop 18 is now a full-fledged advertising channel and the food panda advertising on TV, make you even more hungry by ensuring you order food from your nearest restaurant.

Among all these memories, family and you, there is someone who slimmed in size but stayed at your home for generations. You guessed it right, your television.

So, what makes television one of the most preferred destination? and why we believe, that you must advertise on it:

  • Monsoon time is family time. Sure you have figured this, but it’s definitely the time of the year when you can showcase your utility products, help people plan their upcoming domestic and International holiday travel plan or even sell soups, coffee or tea. Most importantly, you can showcase how your brand and product can pamper them at the comfort of their home, through television.
  • Yes we lost another #mauka and The Champion’s Trophy, but sports isn’t just Cricket right? Who says friends don’t gather over a game of hockey, kabaddi or soccer. With rain, pizzerias and restaurants have a lot to offer: – the BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1), the 50% off on second order etc…. Got food to serve? With Amagi MIX, get on television today.
  • With rise in urban living and an increasing adoption of ‘work from home’ culture, this monsoon, many urban nuclear families spend more time at home and on the internet. Hence, lesser family outing, lesser shopping…right? Wrong. With recent industry estimates, families are shopping more online together than ever, and marketers are advertising on television and internet in sync, like never before. With Amagi MIX, you can now create cost effective cross promotion on Television and align to your digital strategy at the click of few buttons.
  • Do you remember those first showers of monsoon? Days where you came running back home from school happily drenched, or had the urge of dancing in the rain with your siblings on the terrace and cricket grounds. Today with changes in life style and living spaces, kids and elders are more prone to viral infections (especially in rains and winters), when they tend to snug well in blankets and bathe less. Also with rains come insects and mosquitoes. Hence, understanding the necessities of modern living, marketers advertise their brand of antiseptics, disinfectants and OTC (over the counter) medicines on television, to cope up with the seasonal market demands.

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