TV advertising 101 – Everything you need to know

How many times have you seen an ad on YouTube, or on your mobile device, and thought that it could’ve worked well on TV too?


The biggest reason why consumer-friendly brands usually shy away from TV advertising today, is a lack of knowledge about how TV ad-spots (secondages) can be acquired and used. Not many websites offer information on TV advertising rates either – so you can’t just Google these answers.

Usually, all that you see on the internet are advertorial reviews and media deals, which don’t really matter to you as a first time advertiser; for instance.. when a small business owner even toys around with the idea of TV advertising, these are the thoughts that usually plague him/her.

How much will I have to pay in a day/a week/a month to see my ad on my favourite TV channels?
I see big brands hiring celebrity actors and actresses in expensive locations for their ads. I obviously don’t have that kind of money. How will I shoot/produce an ad?These TV guys are always hard to contact, and I don’t have the time to work with these agencies, they’re all located in metropolitan cities.
These thoughts usually stop advertisers from exploring one of India’s most penetrative and effective ad platforms. TV as a format boasts of a huge audience made of FMCG consumers, housewives, and a young, urban populace. If you’re not on TV, you’re missing out.

How to get involved in TV advertising, and where to start.

As a micro-business, you need to look at TV advertising as a growth hack. Think of the top three or four things you ask yourself when a vendor tries to sell you a hoarding or a radio spot, and ask the same questions for TV.


Most businesses want to drive public awareness about their products/services, with the aim of standing out from their competitors, to generate positive demand in priority markets, and to create some palpable brand value within their respective industries. The good news is, TV lets you do all of that. Before you begin advertising, ask yourself:

What do I intend to do with this ad – Boost sales, or get people talking about my brand, or launch a new business line?
To whom do I want to show this ad – Am I targeting housewives/young professionals/students/high income groups?
What’s my budget – can I spend 25,000 a week or more?
What’s my message to people and how do I best convey it?
There are more than 1700 TV channels in India. Where should I advertise?
Fortunately, to cater to the woes of aspiring entrepreneurs and advertisers such as yourself, there’s a website called Amagi MIX which allows you to study and evaluate all these aspects before your first TV ad. This what you can do on Amagi MIX:
1. Study and select TV Channels based on your target audience viewership, preferences and cost, and preview audience segments.
2. Select your campaign objective, duration and budget.
3. Choose from an ad that you already have, or request help from Amagi in creating one.
After this, Amagi MIX will prepare the best suited media plan for your business, within your budget, targeting the audiences that matter to you. You can review/change the plan according to your requirements. Once you are satisfied, you can pay for the ads on directly – just like paying on Flipkart. If you’re uncomfortable about big online transactions, just confirm the campaign and Amagi will send someone over to pick up the cheque – It’s that simple. – Go, check it out. And stay tuned, because next up we’re doing a deep dive on GRPs.


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