Why is Demonetization blessing in disguise for advertising sector?

Demonetization has hit the common man’s purse thereby hurting many Indian retailers and brands. With a daily withdrawal limit of Rs. 2,500 there is only so much that an average Indian could buy in the cash market. In India, over 86% of transactions still happen in cash. There are signs that consumption is down and various sectors like Real Estate & Jewelry are in standby mode. (Source: Hindustan Times)

What it means for the TV advertising Industry

Bright Spot #1Staying on top of your consumer’s mind

Due to increased competition, brand managers have struggled hard to capture and maintain the mindshare of Indian consumer. They can’t risk losing this critical metric by deferring their campaigns. They would surely agree that branding is long term and continuous advertising on TV keep their brand on top of the mind.

Bright Spot #2: Why fear, when targeted advertising is here

For those who have fear of advertising on National TV channels due to higher costs, this is the right time to explore targeted advertising on television. Solutions like Amagi’s geo-targeted advertising can help advertisers get their campaigns live in 18 Indian markets on National channels like Zee & Times. This is the right time to invest in your focus market and enjoy higher ROI with geo-targeting.

Bright Spot #3: Consumption will shoot up in the mid-term

Many economists agree that consumption is going to spike post Dec.31. So, consumers are only delaying their purchases not renouncing. It is important that your brand is visible during the purchase. Advertising now will help you stay visible when the consumers open their purses again.

Bright Spot #4: Best time to advertise on News channels

Those heated discussions, day-by-day coverage of long queues at ATMs have surely increased the viewership of news channels. With winter parliament session underway, this phenomenon is likely to continue. Advertise on this genre if you want to catch up.

Amagi offers geo-targeted advertising solutions on 8 news channels – Times Now, ET Now, Zee News etc. See the full list here

Bright Spot #5: Ad spots are cheap. Grab them

Yes, it’s a classic price and demand curve. Because of derived demand, advertisers have deferred their campaigns. But if you want to get the best deal, advertise now. Targeted advertising can help you further accentuate the returns.

Bright Spot #6:  One’s pain is another’s gain

While real estate is in standstill, sectors like BFSI & payment wallets have upped their ad-spends. PayTM for example, has spent over 70 crore in the past 2 weeks to cash in on the demonetization and they are not alone.Siva-Blog-Profile

Bright Spot #7: Time to go cashless

Cashless economy not only brings in more accountability but also increased GDP. PM Modi is trying to nudge entire country to go cashless to keep a check on black money. Digital is the way forward to realize cashless economy in every sector including advertising.

Amagi has launched Amagi MIX – India’s first media planning & buying platform for advertisers on Television. Using its intelligent algorithm, it records the advertiser preferences and suggests the ideal channel mix comprising of over 100 national and regional channels within the budget. Give it a spin and tell us your experience in the comment box!

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