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Just last year (August, 13th 2015 to be precise), I was attending one of the most coveted award ceremonies in India, witnessing some of India’s most iconic brands get honored for who they are. All the consumer goliaths were present, including Amul, Colgate, Maggie, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Hero Motor Corp, Cadbury’s, Fair& Lovely, Brooke Bond, Infosys and Wipro among others. While I was busy clapping with the attending audience near the last row, there was this strong desire in me to just walk up to the stage and grab some of that limelight for the brand that I represent. You know, how you get jealous when people other than you get highlighted!Rashmi Kochar (Director, Marketing), Amagi Media Labs India Pvt Ltd

Cut to July, 23rd 2016. Where am I? I’m sitting in the front row this time around, waiting for my name to be called out before I walk up to the stage and grab the trophy. Amagi, you see, has been honored with a place amidst India’s Top 50 Brands, judged by some of the most respected brand experts and marketing minds of the country. Click here to read up on the jury. And then it happened, they called out our name, I went up on stage, holding the trophy in my hand, I was just thinking about one thing- The ‘power of thought’ and beaming over one sincere attempt to convert that thought into action– It always pays off!

Disruptors – let’s pause and take a look at the word. In a nutshell, we are disruptors. Amagi was honored among a consumer-dominated category because it challenged conventions within an established market, and they did this not by merely replicating an existing business model, but by completely redesigning the prevalent industry based on customer insights. Amagi was honored for not being afraid to step out of the traditional mold and for daring to be different. It identified gaping voids in the existing system and relied on tomorrow’s technology to disrupt traditional TV advertising as we know it today, establishing a new norm for content delivery and monetization in the world of broadcast.


The total number of advertisers on TV is about 11,000 and in print, it’s close to 1.5 lakhs. This is in huge contrast to viewership/readership figures; while the number of TV viewers in India is approximately 800 million, print enjoys only about a 150 million-strong readership. This pegs TV at five times the reach of print media, but still, the number of advertisers on TV is far less than print or radio. This disproportionate trend can largely be attributed to the sheer unaffordability of televised advertorial spots. This makes TV ads non-ROI oriented, as far as small and medium businesses are concerned. Secondly, India happens to be a diverse heterogeneous buying market with varied regional preferences and TV has been hitherto unable to address said diversity. Prior to the Amagi intervention, there was no option for brands to target a specific market using television.

It was evident that there was a gap. Amagi identified this gap and pioneered the concept of targeted advertising on TV. This completely re-designed and re-engineered the Advertiser-Broadcaster-Viewers ecosystem.

The technology behind this is Amagi’s Patented Content Watermark, which brings advanced targeting options- geographic, personalized (device based/demographic) and contextual.

How does this work?

  • Broadcasters are able to monetise a specific market by reaching out to new, first-time advertisers on TV (long-tail advertisers) by making TV an affordable and targeted medium to position their brands on. On the other hand, mass-market brands who were already heavily invested in TV ads without the ability to match geographic and demographic buying preferences for their brands/variants are now able to increase their share of voice in a specific market, which subsequently helps in boosting direct sales.
  • Broadcasters are now able to regionalise their content for a specific geography, thereby customizing content based on viewership preferences (Case in point – The Amagi intervention for ETV in Singapore).
  • This technology also enables advertisers to personalize advertisements based on viewership and demographic preferences over OTT-TV platforms. For example, a viewer watching a cookery show on a multi-screen platform would be exposed to ads of online shopping applications with direct links to purchase all relevant ingredients of that recipe. Alternatively, ads can be suggested based on the device (iPad/iPhone/Android Portable/Wearable) that the user is consuming content on.


Since 2008, Amagi has grown to become India’s largest TV ad network and a global force in cloud-based content/ad regionalization, ad-tech, broadcasting and content delivery infrastructure solutions.

In India alone, over 2500+ multinational brands, 3000+ small & medium advertisers and 25+ leading premium TV channels in India are leveraging Amagi’s targeted advertising options to increase advertorial ROI, target the right markets and prioritize ad inventory management. Outside India, Amagi’s tech deployments cover 25+ countries. Thanks to the global response to Amagi’s cloud-broadcast options, Amagi has set up camp across continents, with offices in Bangalore, Tokyo, London, New York and Singapore.


The power of my disruptive thought brought us closer to this award than ever, and it reaffirms my faith in the brand’s message. Soch kabhi chhoti nahi hoti. Bada Socho. TV Socho J

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