Doosra – Revisiting TV Ad Spends from IPL 2016

‘Doosra’ tracks ad spends in the consumer brands sector, demarcating the top advertisers and categories in various viewership segments. ‘Doosra’ is backed by TAM Adex Data.

The IPL season may be behind us already, but a quick analysis of the advertorial behaviour of various big brands, reveals the general spend-trends. Here’s a look at the same.Siva-Blog-Profile

The surprise giant here is Oppo India, with a whopping lead of 4 Crores over Vodafone, followed closely by Amazon, Freecharge and Coca Cola. It was interesting to note that the online recharge portal tied in at 73 Crores with the mammoth beverages brand.

Flipkart made its mark in the top 10 advertisers, with a neat 53 Crore advertorial budget. Final beatdown? The IPL 2016 final garnered a total viewership of 44.68 million impressions. Worth the money? You decide!

The complete report is attached below.

This data is based on TAM AdEx from May-June 2016.


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