Want to advertise in Delhi? Here’s a cracker campaign concept!

When my colleague Sumit and I were asked to make travel plans to Delhi last month, we were faced with the incredibly tough choice of packing a viable travel wardrobe. Us Bangalore boys have this thing about reading into the national weather temperament based on the conditions here in Silicon City. And June? Well, June is pleasant, to say the least. I had almost forgotten how a real Delhi summer felt.

Advertise in Delhi - Published on Amagi Blog, by Shomprakash SInha Roy, Head of Digital Marketing at Amagi
Sumit and Shom sweating it out in the Delhi heat wave!
Advertise in Delhi Amagi Media Labs Shomprakash Sinha Roy Head of Digital Marketing Blog
At the behest of concerned colleagues and friends who warned me against topping up my luggage with leather jackets, we reached the capital amidst tropical humidity and a positively scorching heat wave. We were supposed to meet a bunch of first generation entrepreneurs, who had leveraged Amagi to tap into India’s largest TV Ad network to promote their products and services. And with targeted advertising being the soul of Amagi’s service offering, we were expecting people who had included television as a part of their media mix with one purpose – to advertise in Delhi. The national capital is a fiercely competitive consumer market. If you need any proof of that sentiment, you need to head out to Sarojini Market. Seriously, if someone leaves you out there unattended, chances are you’d be buying yourself a whole new fall collection in a matter of minutes.
So anyway – our escapade began with an interaction with Mr Randhir Singh Tomar, an internet entrepreneur who has risen to the top rungs of Delhi’s consumer apparel market, riding the e-Commerce wave. A star-rated seller with Flipkart, Randheer runs a tight ship with varying degrees of complexity in procurement, packaging and last mile logistics.
Randhir had chosen to advertise on TV across Amagi’s channel bouquet in Delhi, based on a careful scrutiny of his target audiences. Incidentally, he also happened to be one of the first users of Amagi’s media planning tool, MyMediaPlan (Soon to be launched as AmagiMix) at its beta testing phase – he had gone online, chosen his target locations, defined his audience profile, campaign budget and duration, and chosen from the suggested media plans before someone from Amagi called him and brought him on board.
But we knew all that already, and what we really wanted to understand was what drove Randhir to select high-intensity, high-frequency campaigns spread over short durations, with multiple creative versions. Having been a digital marketer for a fair amount of time had validated this curiosity – we usually don’t see a lot of A/B testing on television, after all.
But Randhir was totally doing it – we had seen samples of his advertisements, representing various brands, some of whom he owned, and some that he was promoting. And then he filled us in on his amazing technique. As a seller, Randhir ensures that his logistics chain works as a smooth machine. But beyond this, he goes to great lengths to ensure that the potential market for a particular brand that he’s selling online, is aware of the brand’s identity and unique value proposition.
“Why advertise on TV at all, if you’re doing it for vanity?” He asked, and I couldn’t agree more. The dealbreaker for most advertisers who want to jump on the TV bandwagon, is a foreseeable lack in returns, and I don’t blame them, because it’s a valid concern. But Randhir had found the perfect blend.
He informed us that he picks one brand at a time, plans his presence on various flash sales, buys a little display network space online to bring in online traffic, and then couples that up with a full-blown high intensity brand campaign on TV through Amagi. He had been planning a branding process like this since his MBA days, and with the time he has spent working at Reebok and other prominent apparel brands, he confessed to have developed the technique right out of his gut.

Advertising with precision – Delhi Diaries with Randhir Singh Tomar

Here’s the kicker – it works! For Randhir Singh Tomar, advertising in Delhi on premium national channels to coincide with his e-Commerce brand launches, has proved to be the next big commercial lynchpin after taking the entreprenurial leap. And we’re very happy for him!
The business of establishing a nrw brand is execptionally tricky, now that the process has become so much simpler than it used to be. The mere competitive challenge lures many potential brands away from ever entering the market. But Randheer’s diligence in experimenting with TV and digital to create the perfect amalgam, convinced me that there’s hope for the little guy after all.
Do you have more of such brilliant ideas up your sleeve? We’d love to talk to you! Call us at 1800-200-4442 to kickstart your campaign ideas, or visit us at www.amagi.com to plan your campaign just like Randheer did!
If you belong to the slightly more patient variety of entrepreneurs, watch out for the next big thing in advertorial excellence – We’re launching AmagiMix really soon, and I kid you not – it’s going to change your world. In the meantime, you can check out MyMediaPlan here.

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