From Pencil to Stylus

I come from a town where people go to sleep at 7 PM. Now I live in a city where the night never really gets old.

The former is Ooty and the latter, Bangalore. Nestled up in the Nilgiri hills, Ooty is cold throughout the year. The early mornings and evenings are unbearable outdoors, and things can get pretty difficult when it rains. So people there have adapted their lifestyle due to the harsh climate. By contrast, Bangalore is a bustling metropolis. Here, days are longer, attitudes international, and life a celebration.  I grew up listening to the cold winds that whistled through the window cracks in the night and now I go home from work listening to youngsters heading for the newest night club. There is a freedom here that I have come to embrace, an opportunity for everyone with something to share, an excitement in the eyes of all I meet. Suresh_profile

Am I imagining this because of my own viewpoint towards life? Perhaps. But as much as I appreciate Bangalore, Ooty has played an important role in my development as an artist and a designer. In other words, I believe Ooty prepared me for a stage that’s Bangalore.

Art has always been my passion. Ever since my big brother taught me to hold a pencil, I have drawn. From doodles to landscapes, and portraits, I have always remained fascinated by the power a simple piece of graphite could give me. The power to create. I could shape characters and lives with a stroke and create new worlds where everything aligned to my imagination.

As time passed, I moved on from pencils to pens and entered the world of colours. The monochrome characters that I had until then created began to know different shades and tones. I experimented with dry colours, wet paint, and different media, and for a while was fascinated by the depth it brought to my works. I have looked at the works of great masters for hours and tried to copy their techniques while all the time trying to develop a style of my own.

But in the end, even with all the advantages of colours, I felt the pencil was my single best medium to creativity. Nothing could express my feelings as a pencil did. I didn’t need colours to show depth, I just needed to tilt my pencil a bit more.

For professional reasons I did move to digital media eventually, started using a stylus instead of pencil, and learned to use a computer to create art. I learned the nuances of graphics and virtual creation. This has taken me where I am now, working as a visualiser and designer.

My life at Amagi began five months ago, and it has brought forward everything that the artist in me could hope for. The freedom to think, visualise and create. A company that shares the values I hold close to my heart. I have not just learned more about design here but have become acquainted with how it is marketed. Here a whole new world of commercial art has opened up in front of me and I’m enjoying each moment of it.

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