Building an effective publicity regime for the Amagi brand

The PR machinery of Amagi’s marketing team has witnessed a great deal of hustle this month, ranging from a slew of press releases, media interactions and newsletters, to new frontiers in content creation.

This month, there were major announcements in the media for Amagi. Our partnership with Times Network was a strategic move to scale our business and to increase Amagi’s channel bouquet. Consequently, creating a buzz in the media to disseminate this information was crucial. The PR team issued a national press release to announce this partnership, in English dailies as well as regional publications. We received 38 instances of coverage, including an exclusive piece (aimed at SME audiences) in Maharashtra Times.Nivedita - Head of Public Relations, Amagi

The second big-ticket announcement [Click here to read] was the launch of our highly awaited ad-tech product – THUNDERSTORM, a new OTT ad-insertion platform that delivers personalized and targeted advertising for premium live sports and news feeds using a patented content watermarking technology. True to its name, THUNDERSTORM took trade media by storm. As a precursor to its commercial launch at NAB Show 2016 (Las Vegas), Economic Times carried an exclusive beat about the se The product will be commercially launched at NAB 2016 where Amagi is one of the key participants. Since OTT is the latest trend that media has been writing on, the release has been widely covered. The best piece of coverage so far has been received in the national print and online editions of The Economic Times.

Yet another accomplishment for this month was the FICCI Frames 2016 Report in which Amagi participated for the first time. The report features an exclusive interview with Baskar Subramanian (Co-founder, Amagi Media) and includes a segment on geo-targeted advertising with his insights, positioning him as an industry thought leader in the broadcast and advertorial domain. Baskar has also contributed as a guest columnist in the report, giving the marketing team an opportunity to achieve a content benchmark.

In the interim, our digital team announced a video contest on the Dubsmash platform for people who want to advertise on TV. The winner of the ‘EK Lakh Ka Dubsmash’ contest as we called it, will be awarded FCT (Free Commercial Time) worth INR 1,00,000 on Zee News and IBN7. The winner will have the option to choose ad spots amidst one of the following markets – Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rest-of-Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, North East, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkand. This contest justified a press release that could act as a tool to spread awareness about the contest, encouraging people to participate. With a national dissemination of the release, most of the advertising and marketing publications covered the details about the contest and an insightful video (carrying contest instructions), giving a veritable boost to its overall promotion.

The ‘Ek Lakh Ka Dubsmash’ contest video

To conclude, the FICCI Frames Report 2016 was our big-ticket content contributor. Stay tuned for some more marketing action coming up soon!


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