Order and Patterns


Order and pattern of things – What are they? Why are they deemed so important, if at all? For starters, if patterns didn’t exist, people would find it extremely difficult to keep track of things. It wouldn’t be totally wrong if I said that patterns are nothing but a ‘realisation of sense’ amidst total chaos. Patterns exist everywhere. Smarter people notice patterns quicker than others. They stay ahead of the curve by making sense out of otherwise inexplicable lines and dots and circles. If there were no patterns, all forms of order would cease to exist. This is true for both physical and physiological aspects of life around us.Avinash-Blog-Profile

Starting now, I will refer to patterns as an inherent ‘sense of order’. There’s no denying that by being orderly, we are creating a pattern all by ourselves.

Our routine, irrespective of how irregular it may be, forms a pattern. Everybody has their own ‘way’ of living their weekdays, one at a time. We wake up, we work, we begin to feel tired at a very specific time of day, we get hungry at a certain hour. We fall asleep, and then we wake up to do this entire chore all over again. In short, our lives exude patterns.

Undeniably, we are all tuned to this pattern/organised way of being.

What’s the point of all of this?

There is a strong need to recognise the patterns that define our behavior, for it helps us in welcoming new, perhaps better behavioral traits. Expanding the scale of our patterns helps us in changing the entire course of our lives!

Waking up on time – is that a definite yes? If not, there’s always another way around it. Culinary habits – okay or not? The list goes on, indefinitely.

It’s very easy to locate patterns. All you need to do is stay observant, stay vigilant enough to recognize one when you see it. It also becomes equally simpler to make sense out of things when we’re able to spot a familiar pattern.

File naming conventions, ordered paperwork stacks and folder structures are merely physical manifestations of patterns, that help us stay ahead.

In conclusion – what do we have to gain from patterns? Nothing, if not everything.

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