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Earlier this month, an idea sprung up within the female professional community at Amagi. This was right around March 8th – otherwise known as International Women’s Day. I started contemplating about what to do on this special day. Some exciting ideas whizzed past me – why not pamper myself at a Spa (which I think I am overdue anyway)?

Better still, why not gang up with my usual partners in crime (women, of course) and paint the town red, as I can’t remember the last time I did that.

As these potentially exhilarating and compulsively exciting ideas called out to my brain, my heart wasn’t exactly playing along. We wanted to do something different this time around, after all. That’s when I chanced upon Desire Society, an NGO working for HIV/AIDS Infected & Affected children. I also came to know, through one of the Amagians associated with this organization, that they had a specific need that could be easily fulfilled by us. A call for like minded Amagians to volunteer (there was nothing official about it!!) brought in a few Samaritans who had a similar song in their hearts like me!Meera-Murthy-Blog-Profile

The Desire Society is doing a fantastic job of providing institutional care homes for children abandoned and orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. The children are in varied age groups, ranging from 5 years to their teens. As these children are busy at school till late afternoon, we decided to drop by in the evening hours of March 8th.

As we entered the giant hall, we saw that the children were engaged in fun activities orchestrated by an impressive Spanish couple. This couple(As I came to know later) loves India and devotes most of their time in engaging with the needy children of this nation. I was blown away by their selflessness, passion and the joy with which they engaged with the children. Here I was, gloating in self glory for what I was doing just for one evening!

We couldn’t resist the temptation of joining in the fun with the children and had a gala time playing with them, singing with them and hanging out with them. The most awe-inspiring aspect of the evening was the innocence of the children that spoke through their demeanors, the twinkle of hope that shone through their eyes and the carefree attitude that only children can possess.

Amagi At Desire Society

It was heartwarming to see so much of talent in this bunch – how they remembered the various songs they sang in entirety, recited greetings in multiple languages, including German and Spanish and how they were curious to learn more. One of the girls sang so melodiously that, I am sure, with proper training, she could become a well known musician, in a not-so-distant-future.

This bunch of kids,  living in the present, oblivious to what future has in store for them, made me believe in the quote, “Live Today as if there is no Tomorrow”. As it was time to leave, I was glad I had chosen to visit Desire Society. As the children waved a happy goodbye, I couldn’t resist thinking about this one quote from Abraham Maslow – ‘The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness’.

Thank you, Dear Children for making my evening on Women’s Day, a very special one!


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  1. Pooja Chakrabarty says:

    Amazing idea for a women’s day and so beautifully put. Loved your writing. Let me tell you that you gave me a way to cater to my innermost pain. The soul needs food and compassion is what feeds it..
    Thank you Meera.

    1. Thanks Pooja, for your words of encouragement, they mean a lot. Keep reading UnMute! – Meera Murthy (Amagi)

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