CMO Series 2016 – ‘Disrupting TV as a medium of choice for building brands’


In 2016, ad spends in India are estimated to touch INR 48,797 crore. Television will continue to remain a dominant advertising medium, having accounted for 38% of the share of total ad spends in 2015. Television is increasingly being seen as a strategic marketing tool as it allows you to tell your story in a beautiful way, offers maximum reach and more recently also because of its transformation to becoming more targeted as medium! And given our well-known love for TV, we decided to create a forum that would canvas the opinions of some of the most prominent marketing and branding leads in the industry on the future of India’s most ubiquitous content medium.Rashmi Kochar (Director, Marketing), Amagi Media Labs India Pvt Ltd

The second of Amagi’s CMO Series 2016 was held in Bengaluru last month following the first CMO event in Delhi. A partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, the theme of the event was ‘Disrupting TV as a medium of choice for building brands’.

The agenda involved presentations that addressed the subject ‘Television as a medium of choice’, followed by a panel discussion on the ‘Wonders and woes of TV advertising’. The discussion was moderated by Vishal Krishna, Business Editor of YourStory.

The panelists:

  • Ashok Lalla, Digital and Marketing Advisor
  • Manish Raj, VP & Business Head,
  • KA Srinivasan, Co-founder, Amagi
  • Pushkar Jain, CMO,
  • Pallavi Chopra, Senior Brand Director, RedBus
  • Vishal Sikka, Category Head – Economy Bikes, TVC Motors
  • Burzeen S. Vakil, Head of Marketing, Red Hat India

Different aspects of the medium and convergence of TV and Digital was among the one generating lot of interest. Television content today is increasingly being consumed on digital and there was a view that that this could even lead to subscription/pay-per-view models outpacing the current ad-free options.

‘Efficiency of TV as an advertising medium won hands down in terms of arguments which favored it and with the brands and broadcasters increasingly adopting geo-targeted advertising, the role of TV in building brand becomes far more significant. The panel discussion, the session’s highlight, raised some very pertinent points about the role of TV in the world of digital proliferation, future of TV content delivery, programmatic buying on TV and rise of OTT.

It was argued that no single medium can be looked at in isolation- digital and TV must not be treated in isolation. His view was that brands should look to embrace an integrated approach to communication merging TV’s effectiveness with digital’s ability for amplification. This drew the panelists to agree that content would always be the differentiator on any medium, making it pertinent for brands to deliver content optimized for a gamut of multi-screen experiences.



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