6 Reasons To Work At Amagi

Are you curious, inspired and passionate? Excellent. Read on, because we’ve listed the top 6 reasons why you’ll find your perfect work-life fit at Amagi.


  1. Work Culture

From the beginning, we’ve tried to create a culture that encourages employees to imagine, question and innovate. We pride ourselves on being entrepreneurs, determined to change every market dynamic with our technological expertise and ambition. Till date, we’ve managed to preserve this culture and continue to attract talent that enhances it.

  1. Constant Innovation

Our commitment to innovation is nearly unmatched; we design and build futuristic products that are unique to the advertising and broadcast industry. That really defined our initial journey from being a tech startup to India’s largest TV ad network. As a genuine Indian product company, we believe in building both software and hardware in-house. Our scalable solutions give customers a reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional satellite TV broadcasting. And that’s why, we were the first Asian company to win the IBC Innovation Award 2015 in the ‘Content Delivery’ category.

  1. Tech Democracy

We don’t believe in hierarchy or designations. We follow a flat structure, and everyone has an equal say in how things should be run and a chance to make an impact. Sounds too utopian to be true? Not at Amagi. Out-of-the-box thoughts, collaborative inputs and fearless action are qualities we value.

  1. The Perks (And the view!)

Built on the idea of an open and earthy environment, our office has a plant in every corner. You want to love the place you work in. And what better way to make that happen than to do it up yourself? Every Amagian can choose to buy office accessories worth up to 10% of their gross annual salary, and the company will reimburse the same. Will that be the latest Sony PlayStation, or a spanking new set of speakers? You decide!*

  1. Unlimited Irreverence

Our philosophy is to encourage our employees to take initiative and drive change. Every contribution counts, and at Amagi, the opportunities are endless. We encourage people to ask questions, about knowledge and process, and challenge the status quo, just so that we can find a solution together.

  1. Your Identity

At Amagi, we want you to be yourself. Make sure you add a drop of wit, energy and commitment to all that you do, because – why fit in when you can stand out? If you get a chance to work at Amagi, it’s because you’re great at what you do and we believe in the value that you can deliver.

If you work with us, tell us what you love about Amagi. If you don’t, drop us a line here and say hi!

*Claims made are reimbursed within 48 hours under a no questions asked policy.

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