From Baskar’s Desk: A Year of Change

And, 2015 has come to an end! What an incredible year it has been. We thought it’d be a good idea to take some time and reflect on our journey this year. Some very important moments, like raising funds from Mayfield and PremjiInvest which fuelled our growth, and other heartwarming and satisfying moments like winning global awards for technological innovation. Let’s take a quick walk down the 2015 memory lane, shall we?Baskar Subramanian - Co founder, Amagi Media Labs Pvt Ltd

The funding we received in January gave us the fillip we needed to immediately expand our operations globally, invest in R&D and most importantly ramp up our team. Speaking of growing our team, we also moved into a brand new office this year! With an earthy touch, the interiors are a direct translation of Amagi’s values of freedom and imagination. Amagians now work in a large open-office setup, moving seamlessly across teams. The in-house bunker beds and shower facilities ensure that we stay sane when the workload gets crazy!

To add to the excitement of our newfound space, Amagi also entered a string of partnerships with some of India’s leading TV channels for geo-targeted advertising. And in order to give the Indian advertisers an international platform, we further grew our ad network across USA, Canada, Middle East, and North Africa.

Throughout, we have believed that Amagi’s ability to provide customized offerings to brands with diverse needs has driven our growth and won the trust of the great brands we work with. Amagi’s commitment to innovation was recognized on a global scale for our work with Sundance Channel Global winning us the prestigious IBC Award. Icing on the cake? We were the first Asian company to win this award. A humbling experience indeed! To top it off, we also won the innovative project award at BroadcastPro in the Middle East for our work with NDTV India. We’re grateful that our partners believed in Amagi’s value proposition, taking us to new heights as a team.

While these moments revved our confidence, our eyes were firmly on the ball, and this is on our focus to build disruptive and innovative technology designed to support and accelerate the growth of the dynamic broadcast and advertising world. We introduced the managed playout service and THUNDERSTORM this year, with the promise of programmatic and OTT targeting at an individual level next year.

There are few better ways than to showcase Amagi’s value proposition to our Indian entrepreneurs in its truest sense. We rolled out our first TVC campaign “Bada Socho, TV Socho” in support of aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs across the country. What you might find interesting is we’re geo-targeting our own TVC in priority markets! Now isn’t that meta? The TVC is extremely close to our heart, and we are excited to see how it will be received by our audience.

We are ready and thrilled to welcome the new year with lots of plans in the pipeline including goals of having over 6000 advertisers, 50 channels on board, create new innovations and file new patents in TV content and monetization space! Adding to the list, we are also looking forward to raise Series D funds to strengthen our expansion. And next year, nothing would be nicer than to hear advertisers and broadcasters say “Let’s Amagi our brand”.

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